Fe Wood and Ali Cross. Pilates Teacher Training. Surrey

imPULSEonPILATES is the brainchild and inspirational collaboration of Ali Cross and Fe Wood who between them have 45 years of experience teaching movement. Our goal is to motivate and inspire Pilates teachers.

Using specialist workshops, we aim to encourage Pilates teachers to rekindle their passion for teaching, enabling them to think outside the box and enhance their expertise. We aim to help rejuvenate tired teaching practices and remove teachers' fears and anxieties. The result is an improved experience of Pilates for both teachers and their clients.

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imPULSE on Pilates are introducing a series of workshops for Pilates teachers or any practitioners of movement: yoga teachers, physical trainers, physios, osteopaths, dancers etc. 

The workshops will be based in one of two locations - Innerspace  Studios in Walton and Accomplish Pilates in Thames Ditton.

The aim of the workshops is to inspire and encourage creativity, to think outside of the box and not be constrained by the confines of the conventions of your basic training. We would like to inspire your teaching, to encourage creativity, while keeping an open mind and having fun.

Bring a pen and paper, take notes, interact and let us know how you feel. Some of the workshops will be open to teachers and their clients, so spread the word.

pilates breathing

Innerspace Studio
Walton Business Centre (on the 1st floor halfway down corridor on right)
44 – 46 Terrace Rd,
Walton on Thames,
KT12 2SD

Date and time to be confirmed


Thames Ditton and Esher Pilates
  • The Eyes

  • Hands On

  • Anchor points

  • Fascia (feet to neck)

  • dates to be confirmed. 

More workshops to follow


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Ali Cross


My training and career as a professional dancer has given me deep insight into the art of movement and understanding that it is the mind itself which changes the body. My passion for Pilates was awakened after a knee injury and retiring from dance, I trained through to Master Trainer level with BCPA.

Over the past 18 years I have opened and run 2 studios teaching mat classes and Springboard classes to small groups of loyal clients. My constant thirst for more knowledge has led me to train over the years with some of the finest pilates teachers and also to teach the Gyrotonic methodology, which utilises specialist machines designed around the human body to explore and expand our movement potential.

I never stop learning or lose the desire to pass on my knowledge and over the years I have taught literally thousands of people, several of whom have gone on to train as Pilates teachers themselves.

I have learnt from every single one of my clients and it's always a privilege and a pleasure.

Fe Wood


I have been personally practising Pilates for 22 years, and teaching Pilates for the past 15 years. Originally an academic at Newnham College, Cambridge,  I went on to research at the LSE, studied for a Masters Degree in Psychology at Kingston University and anatomy at Guy's Hospital. I became enthralled by anatomy and combining both the logistics and creativity of movement, was fundamental in my choosing Pilates teaching as my career. I was originally drawn to Pilates following complications I suffered after having three lovely, beautiful children. I have always been active and am a keen rower (competing at Masters level), so in order to carry on pursuing this sport I needed to discover how to regain possession of my internal body as well as the facade.

Two operations later I realised the Pilates exercises were what had made me strong and helped me recover much more quickly.

I like to encourage practising the exercises outside of the class so it becomes innate and it is a base layer from which one can achieve anything. Education is paramount but how you teach is the Key. Every person who walks through the door has a unique story to tell, not only physically but emotionally, and being conscious of this in ourselves is empowering.I learn everyday from my clients just as much as they do from me. My aim is to Inspire, Motivate, Educate, discover Potential and keep my teaching fresh and invigorating.